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3 Lectures of University of Bina Mandiri Gorontalo passed research funding for national competitive program

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG– 3 lecturers of University of Bina Mandiri (UBM) Gorontalo, were declared eligible as recipients of research funding for the first phase of the National Competitive Program and Assignments in Higher Education for Fiscal Year 2022.

It is accordance to the Letter of the Ministry of Education and Culture Number 0267/E5/AK.04/2022, which was signed by the Plt. Director of Research, Technology and Community Service, Teuku Faisal Fathani.

The contents of the letter are, based on the Decree of the Budget User Authority of the Directorate of Research, Technology, and Community Service Number 033/E5/PG.02.00/2022 dated April 27, 2022 concerning, Recipients of the Operational Assistance Program for State Universities for the National Competitive Research Program and Assignments in Universities First Phase of the 2022 Fiscal Year High, we hereby submit a list of recipients of national competitive program research funding and assignments for the first phase of the first phase of the partnership research scheme for the 2022 fiscal year.

The three lecturers who passed were, Fibriyanti S. Lakoro with the title MSME Financial Literacy in Facing the Era of Society 5.0 in Boalemo Regency of Gorontalo Province, and Siske Anani with the title Analysis of the Village SDGs Model in Isolated Village Development in Gorontalo Province and the Application of Household Accounting Before and After the Covid-19 Pandemic Period in Tilamuta Sub-district of Boalemo Regency, carried out by Sukrianto. (ais/rls)