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56 UNBITA Postgraduate Students, Administrative Science Study Program Inaugurated

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - Post-Graduate University of Bina Taruna (UNBITA) Gorontalo held a Yudisium  for Masters in Administrative Sciences Study Program. A total of 56 students were inaugurated through this activity which was held at the Grand Q Hotel, Saturday (10/12/22).

The Rector of Bina Taruna University (UNBITA) Gorontalo Dr. Hj. Ellys Rachman, S.Sos, M.Sc, represented by Vice Rector 1, Dr. Lisda Van Gobel, MPA, told the media crew after the graduation, said that this graduation is a very important moment for students, because they will be confirmed and declared as graduates and are entitled to hold a master's degree. He hoped that all the students who were inaugurated would maintain the good name of the almamater and that the knowledge gained while in college would be of benefit to the people of the nation and state.

"The Yudisium for the Bina Taruna University Masters program is a very important moment for universities, namely the confirmation of the graduation of a master who has been declared passed in the study program concerned. With the aim that it gives a statement that they are legal to become a master for graduates of the graduate study program at Bina Taruna University." she said

"My message to our graduates is that we really hope to maintain the good name of the alma mater and develop the knowledge they have acquired in college for 2 years and I think the people of the nation and the state, especially in the workplace, are waiting for them to take part in as much as the knowledge they have acquired they can. develop especially in the workplace and God willing, this will continue to be integrated with the postgraduate program at the University of Gorontalo." she added

Meanwhile, the Director of the Unbita Gorontalo Postgraduate Program, Prof. Dr. Arifin Tahir stated that this graduation is one of the stages that students must follow before graduation. Apart from that, this judiciary is also a process to convey the results obtained by students while studying in college.

"This Yudisium is actually an announcement of the delivery of the results obtained by students during lectures, so the entire series of lecture assessment processes is announced how many grades they have, what is meant by judiciary. Apart from the graduation ceremony, the inauguration was also carried out for them to get the title of master of science." he added

Prof Arifin Tahir added, the 27th and 28th batch of graduation this year were attended by 56 students. According to him, the Unbita Gorontalo Postgraduate Program has graduated 675 students to this day and it is hoped that these alumni will be useful in society.

"Today, there are around 56 students who have graduated because of the graduation and the inauguration must be attended by students because there is a confirmation of the use of the title. Until today, we have graduated 675 people. We hope that they will uphold the good name of their alma mater because they are our spearheads.” he hoped.

The Yudisium of the UNBITA Master of Administration Study Program this time was attended by the Head of BPH UNBITA, Dr. Ir. Azis Rachman, MM and Head of SPI UNBITA Dr. Titin Dunggio.(RA)