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BPM UBM Gorontalo Socializes New Internal Quality Audit Format & Instrument

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - Ahead of the implementation of the 4th Internal Quality Audit (AMI) which is planned to be held in June 2023, the Quality Assurance Agency (BPM) of Bina Mandiri University (UBM) Gorontalo held a socialization of the system, reporting format and new instruments for integrated Internal Quality Audit based on the Study Program in 2023, Thursday, May 4, 2023.

This online activity presented the Head of BPMU Dr. Ikram Muhammad, M.Si, and Head of AMI and Accreditation Division of BPMU Ghoriqna Fibahril Wahdah, S.Pd as speakers.

Followed by all leaders of the University, Faculty, Study Programs and Work Units within UBM Gorontalo, the activity was opened directly by the Rector of UBM Gorontalo Dr. Hj. Titin Dunggio, M.Si., M.Kes.

In her remarks, Dr. Titin Dunggio appreciated the steps and breakthroughs made by BPMU.

"We are sure, with the breakthroughs and innovations made by BPMU and believe UBM will grow because of its great quality culture," she said.

Meanwhile, Head of BPM, Dr. Ikram emphasized that AMI 2023 will be carried out in an integrated manner, and using Exell-based AMI Instruments that are automated and simple.

"But it can show the performance of each standard, as well as the performance of each work unit that has been in the green or red zone, so that the priority class of improvements made," he concluded.