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Discussing Academic Activities, Director of the Postgraduate Program (PPs) Gathers Leadership Elements

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - The Postgraduate Program (PPs) of the University of Bina Taruna Gorontalo held a limited meeting. Thursday (19/5/2022).

The coordination meeting who was chaired directly by the Director of PPs, Prof. Dr. Arifin Tahir M.Si was attended by all elements of the leadership. After the meeting, Assistant Director 1, Djamila Podungge M.Si explained that there were many things discussed in the meeting.

"Those are post-academic activities, Expert Studies for students’ batch 28, Study Program Accreditation, and students final examination," She said.

When he was asked about where the expertise study would be conducted, Djamila Podungge emphasized that this matter would be discussed with the students.

"Insya Allah, tomorrow we will have a meeting with the students. There are several cities that are being proposed including abroad." (ais/rls/at)