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FEB & FIPB Hold Preparatory Meetings for The Implementation of Even Semester

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - Saturday, March 4, 2023, Faculty of Economics & Business (FEB) and Faculty of Education & Culture (FIPB), University of Bina Mandiri (UBM) Gorontalo held a meeting with lecturers who teach even semester courses for the 2022/2023 academic year.

The activity which was held at the Bina Mandiri Gorontalo Foundation Hall was opened directly by the Rector of UBM, Dr. Hj Titin Dunggio M.Si, M.Kes.

In her direction, Dr. Titin Dunggio revealed the implementation of this meeting as a preparation for lecturers to participate in the successful implementation of lectures next semester.

"This meeting is also to equalize the vision and perception regarding the implementation of lectures in the Even Semester of the 2022/2023 academic year," he hoped.

For this reason, Dr. Titin also appealed to all lecturers to prepare well all the things needed, including the Semester Lecture Plan (RPS), as well as documents related to the lecturer's experience in the Tridharma of Higher Education.

"We also ask all lecturers to fully support the institution in achieving success again in the even semester," she explained.

On the sidelines of his remarks, he also reminded the duties that must be carried out by lecturers as Academic Advisors and as course lecturers. Lecturers also play an important role in guiding, directing and setting a good example for students.

Present at the meeting were the deans, vice deans, head of study programs and permanent lecturers of the foundation and extraordinary lecturers.