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Handing over the Qur’an, UBM Gorontalo cares for the Al-Qur’an Education Center

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - The university of Bina Mandiri Gorontalo continues to make a real contribution to society. One of them is UBM Gorontalo concern for the Al-Qur’an Education Center (TPQ). Unmitigated, as many as 50 copies of the Qur’an were distributed to the fostered TPQ from Ust. Roni, Tuesday (17/5/2022).

The assistance was received directly by the head and the students of TPQ. The rector of UBM Gorontalo, Dr. Hj. Titin Dunggio M.Si, M.Kes hopes that what she did would be blessed.

“Thank you to the team for distributing 50 Al-Qur’ans to the Education Center. Inshaa Allah, it will be a blessing for all of us,” she hoped.

Not only that, the rector, Titin Dunggio, expressed this as a tangible form of great concern for the development of generations of Qur’an lovers. “We hope that this assistance can be put to good use by this TPQ,” she concluded.

The TPQ management appreciated this contribution, and thanked the chairman of YBMG, the rector, and the entire academic community. (ais/rls).