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Head of BPM Explains the Urgency of Study Program Management in Accordance to SPMI

Humas UBM Gorontalo
Presentation of the material in the first session by the Head of BPM - UBMG about Management of Study Programs and Preparation of VMTS and the Uniqueness of Study Programs.

Campus.UBMG - Head of the Quality Assurance Agency (BPM), UBM Gorontalo, Dr. Ikram Muhammad M.Si revealed the urgency and importance of governance in study programs in accordance with higher education quality standards.

It was expressed by Dr. Ikram when delivering material at the Workshop on Academic Document Preparation for the S1 Educational Technology Study Program (Tekpen).

According to him, this is one of the core units of higher education which operationally organizes education and learning.

“This means that the main performance of any university is in the Study Program. For this reason, improvement toward the management of study programs is an effort to improve the performance of higher education institutions, “said Dr. Ikram.

Educational Technology Study Program itself is the latest study program owned by UBM Gorontalo. This one-of-a-kind study program in Gorontalo Province held a workshop on the preparation of academic documents with the theme, Becoming a Pioneer to Become a Digital Campus, presenting speakers including Prof. Dr. Hamzah B. Uno M.Pd and Dr. Lukman Laliyo M.Pd and attended by the Chairman of the Bina Mandiri Foundation (YBMG), Dr. Ir. H. Azis Rachman MM, HDI. (ais/rls/at)