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Head of LPPM UBM Gorontalo Entered the Drafting Team of Bone Bolango KDSD Profile Document

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - Head of the Institute of Education & Community Service (LPPM) University of Bina Mandiri  (UBM) Gorontalo, Frezy Paputungan was chosen by the Bone Bolango Government to be the drafting team for the 2023 Regional Competitiveness Framework (KDSD) profile document.

This is as stated in the decree signed by the Regent of Bone Bolango, Dr. Hakim Pou MH.

Frezy explained that the KDSD structure synthesizes several initiatives of assessment schemes and sustainable jurisdiction quality rating instruments.

This is done to represent the credibility claim of a jurisdictional approach, which can be accepted comprehensively by global consensus.

Such a configuration is also expected to be flexible, useful as a collective measurement framework to form a foundation design of sustainability elements that informs the development of achievements from various perspectives and can be utilized by various parties from the government, private sector to civil society.

"KDSD is a summary of national policies and market-based frameworks for increasing sustainable commodity productivity that are aligned with regional policies," he explained.