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The Community Work Service (KKM) Students of Kayuogo Village Holds Futsal Competition

Humas UBM Gorontalo
The opening of futsal tournament between village held by KKM students from Kayuogu Village.

Campus.UBMG – The Community Work Service of (KKM) Kayuogu Village held a Football tournament. The opening which was held in the village field succeeded in attracting public interest.

Student representatives said activities like this were carried out to increase student solidarity and approaches with the community.

"The enthusiasm of the community can be seen, when they come to watch their team compete. So, this is an opportunity for us to implement and realize the Tri Dharma of Higher Education by simply holding a competition as entertainment for the people of Kayuogu Village in particular,” he said.

This football match was participated by the best boys in Kayuogu Village.

"We feel happy when the community comes to witness and enliven the activities that we hold, we hope that later events like this can be initiated by local youths in the future," he added.

This football match is more interesting because the players wear unique costumes. (ais/rls/at)