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Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Employees Interested in Continue Their Study at Unbita PPS Program

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - Postgraduate Program (PPs) Unbita Gorontalo held a socialization for Civil Servant within the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Gorontalo Region, Friday (7/10/2022).

The socialization team led by the Director of PPs, Prof. Dr. This Arifin Tahir M.Si conveyed the advantages of PPs Unbita.

In his introduction, Prof. Arta said that this introduction or socialization aimed to provide an overview of PPs Unbita to prospective new students.

The thing that is the attraction of PPs Unbita, of course, is that it has been accredited and taught by lecturers and teaching staff who are experts in their fields.

"The achievements and competencies prepared for PPs Unbita graduates will later aim to answer challenges by going directly and contributing to regional, Indonesian and global progress," he said.

Not only that, the various facilities that prospective students can get are a distinct advantage for PPs Unbita. This has also received a positive response from Ministry of Justice and Human Rights employees. And showed his interest in continuing his studies at PPs Unbita. (ais/rls/at)