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Lecturers to Baristas Share Knowledge at the UBM Food Court

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG – The existence of the UBM Gorontalo Food Court as a business it for Entrepreneurial Students Activity Unit is starting to be in demand. Not only among students, but the surrounding community has also begun to pay attention to this Food Court.

In order to improve service to visitors, Students Activity Unit (PKM) Entrepreneurs held On Job Training.

This activity was attended by practicing lecturers to baristas to improve students' skills in making delicious coffee and delicious food so that it was increasingly in demand by visitors.

The jargon of the Independence Pioneer Campus is indeed attached to UBM Gorontalo. It is not surprising that the institution always instills an entrepreneurial spirit in students, while studying at UBM Gorontalo so that when they graduate later, alumni can be independent with the entrepreneurial spirit that has been instilled.

Chairman of YBMG, Dr. Ir. H. Azis Rachman MM, IPM explained, the construction of the Food Court is an effort to motivate students, especially those who are members of the Entrepreneurial Student Activity Unit (PKM) to be able to practice directly.

"This is about how PKM Entrepreneurial students are able to directly practice with various contemporary businesses. One of them is a culinary business in the form of food that is in demand with a prospective turnover and will make them independent after they leave campus later," he hoped. (ais/rls)