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Regional House of Representative Gorontalo Involves UBM in Discussion of the Contents of the Draft Regional Regulation on Health

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG –The Gorontalo Provincial House of Representatives (DPRD) again involved Bina Mandiri University (UBM) Gorontalo in a discussion forum on the contents of the Draft Regional Regulation (RANPERDA) on Health, Monday (24/10/2022). The activity, which was held in the Dulohupa Room, DPRD of Gorontalo Province, was attended by dozens of health organizations and educational institutions throughout Gorontalo Province.

Meanwhile, from UBM Gorontalo, the UBM Senior Advisor, Dr. dr. Muhammad Isman Jusuf, Sp.S who is also the Secretary of IDI Gorontalo Province, UPT Cooperation and MBKM, Ns. Andriyanto Dai M.Kep, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology & Health Sciences, Adnan Malaha M.Si and Deputy Dean, Arpin SKM, M.Kes.

On that occasion, representatives of health professional organizations conveyed health problems in Gorontalo Province as well as proposed main ideas that could be recommendations for the provincial health system Ranperda.

"Of course, we will review the main ideas conveyed in accordance with the existing mechanisms. Many inputs have been submitted and in principle, our friends in Bapemperda and the Commission are ready to review it and we will try to make it happen in 2023," said Paris Jusuf .

Meanwhile, Arpin SKM, M.Kes said that the proposed Ranperda was very important to be realized considering the complex conditions or problems faced by the health sector, including campuses that have study programs or health majors in Gorontalo Province.

On the other hand, Isman Yusuf gave his appreciation to the Provincial DPRD for responding to this proposal.

"Because later it will regulate widely including the distribution of health services to the community in the City Regency, comprehensive and not partial," he said.

Isman assessed that the presence of this provincial health system regional regulation will encourage the improvement of health quality in Gorontalo. He said there will be no longer any gap at the district/city level because it would be regulated at the provincial level. (ais/rls/at)