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Seven Courses at UBM Gorontalo Pass LPDP Funding Teaching Practitioners

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - University of Bina Mandiri  (UBM) Gorontalo again gained the trust of the Ministry of Education and Culture as one of the universities that passed the LPDP Practitioner Teaching funding in 2023.

According to the Head of CCLC and KUI UBM, Ayu Anastasya Rachman S.IP, MA, in 2023, there are 270 out of nearly 4,000 universities that are implementing Teaching Practitioners.

In Gorontalo there are only 3 campuses, one of which is UBM Gorontalo.

"This year there are 7 courses that passed the LPDP funding for teaching practitioners at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, and there are around 95 practitioners who are interested in teaching these courses at UBM and 7 that we received, including start-up owners, company CEOs, senior managers of BUMN, to government agencies. The practitioners will teach for 12 hours or 6 meetings, collaborating with permanent UBM lecturers," she said.

UBM has been involved in the teaching practitioner program since 2022, although previously it had often involved practitioners as extraordinary lecturers and guest lecturers.

In early 2023, UBM also received a visit from the Teaching Practitioner Team who appreciated UBM's commitment to an independent campus that already has a special MBKM UPT.

"As the manager of teaching practitioners at UBM, I hope this program can provide learning experiences and useful knowledge for students, as well as open various other collaborative programs between practitioners and UBM. There will be a cooperation agreement and implementation arrangement between UBM with practitioners and the Directorate General of Resources of Ministry of research and Technology," Ayu Anastasya concluded.