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Students of Postgraduate are following Thesis Proposal Exam to Get a Master's Degree from UNBITA

Humas UBM Gorontalo
Prof. Dr. Arifin Tahir. M.Si, accompanied by the leadership of PPs Unbita Gorontalo when giving a speech, as well as opening a proposal seminar. Wednesday (10/8/2022). (PHOTO: Humas/Efendi)

Campus.UBMG - The Postgraduate Program (PPs) of Bina Taruna University (Unbita) Gorontalo, held a proposal seminar exam for seven students, Wednesday (10/8/22).

The opening activity which was held at the PPs Unbita Academic Service Center. This is the 16th wave of proposal test.

Director of PPs Unbita Gorontalo, Prof. Dr. Arifin Tahir. M.Si. accompanied by leadership elements in his speech explained that the exam that was held was an opportunity for the seven students to defend the title for which research would be conducted.

"So, whether this proposal is accepted or not, we will discuss it. Because if what is discussed here does not match the title and content, then we can still change this. It depends on how the presenter can convey what he really wants in the ideas. So that later when they doing research, they have guidelines on what to do at the research location," added the Professor who is familiarly called Prof Arta.

PPs Unbita itself continues to encourage and motivate eligible final students to complete their studies. But still pay attention to quality. So that later the existing graduates are competent and are master figures who have qualified qualities. (ais/rls/at)