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Leading APTISI Gorontalo, This is what Aziz Rachman will do in The Future

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - Chairman of the Association of Private Universities (APTISI) Prof. Dr. HM. Budi Djatmiko, M.Si, MEi officially inaugurated Dr. It. H. Azis Rachman, MM., IPM as Chairman of APTISI Gorontalo Province for the period 2022-2026, Saturday (23/7/2022)

After being appointed in, Azis Rachman said to reporters that he would carry out important programs such as helping the government, in this case L2DIKTI Region XVI, to carry out central government programs and policies. He continued, it is planned that on August 8, a Work Meeting will be held by inviting the local government, L2DIKTI, and related stakeholders.

β€œThis is to discuss work programs within the framework of the Collaboration program so that in 2023 all programs can synergize like with L2DIKTI. So that it can be known what the needs of Private Universities are as well as L2DIKTI, "he continued.

It is said that there are budget constraints among related parties, efforts will be made to continue to encourage each other. PTS will encourage L2DIKTI in implementing the program which is currently known as the Merdeka Learning program, Merdeka Campus (MBKM).

In addition, APTISI Gorontalo will coordinate with Association of Private Universities (APTISI) North Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi, which together with Gorontalo province are 3 regions under L2DIKTI region XVI.

" Association of Private Universities (APTISI) Gorontalo will identify and take inventory so that from there we can get problems and how to solve them, we will make this a program in 2023 later," he added.

He hopes and asks for support from the board of directors because he believes that with solidity and togetherness, everything that is programmed in the future will be realized.

"I'm sure PTS in Gorontalo Province in the future will be superior to those out there," said Azis Rachman.

In the same place, the General Chairman of the Central Association of Private Universities (APTISI) Prof. Dr. HM. Budi Djatmiko, M.Si, MEi towards the newly appointed management so that they can build strong collaboration with the local government, DPRD and L2DIKTI especially in increasing the gross enrollment rate of school children both internally and externally

He also encouraged the local government to invite more industries into Gorontalo so that economic growth would increase and the impact of increasing the number of children in the area in taking and continuing their studies to a higher level.

"I also hope that the Private University here (Gorontalo) will further develop themselves by opening rare study programs so that children no longer leave the region and choose to study in the region, I will also convey this to the Minister and the Director General so that they can provide convenience in opening Study programs are rare in Gorontalo," he concluded.