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The International Office of UBM Holds Visiting Professor & Lecturer Mobility Workshop

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG– The International Office pf UBM Gorontalo (KUI) held a Visiting Professor and Lecturer Mobility Workshop, Monday (11/14/2022).

The activity, entitled " Menjalankan program mobilitas dosen yang berkualitas dengan kampus Luar Negeri ", presented the President of the Association of Muslim Community in ASEAN (AMCA), Prof. Akhsanul In'am, Ph.D and held online.

The Professor who is familiarly called Prof. In'am has experience in running lecturer mobility programs to 30 countries, as well as a follow-up to Lectuer Mobility with AMCA which was attended by KUI UBM Gorontalo in Thailand, last October 2022.

This activity was also attended by lecturers from several other tertiary institutions, both from Gorontalo Province and outside Gorontalo.

The Head of KUI, Ayu Anastasya Rachman S.IP, MA explained, on this occasion, Prof. In'am shared various strategies to be able to start a lecturer mobility program, without having to be burdened with high operational costs.

“That is by creating a sharing-fund scheme (or joint funding), participating in competitive grants from foundations, and participating in a visiting professor program funded by the government. In addition, activities can be carried out both offline and online. So that programs such as cross-country teaching and research can be carried out online with limited budgets," she said.

In addition, in this workshop Prof. In'am helped motivate and provide tips and tricks to be able to improve the Functional Positions of lecturers, from Expert Assistants to Lectors, Head Lectors, to Professors.

"The enthusiasm of the participants, especially the UBM and PPS UNBITA lecturers who were taking care of the baby, both the Lector and the Head Lector, to the Professor. This activity can add insight and inspiration so that in the future UBM can produce various Professors (GB)," hoped Ayu, who is currently completing her Doctoral studies at Padjadjaran University, Bandung.

As for the end of the event, there is an agenda for a lecturer mobility simulation, in the form of a 5-minute research presentation in English. This simulation was attended by 5 internal lecturers with the best English pre-test scores that had been held by the UBM Language Center.

On this occasion the five lecturers performed very well and received appreciation from the presenters.

"KUI UBMG hopes to continue facilitating lecturer capacity building programs, so that in the future more and more can contribute to internationalization programs designed by KUI together with foreign partners, to realize the Vision of Excellence, Professional and Globally," she concluded. (ais/rls/at)