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The KKM Students of Dalapuli Village, Working with Community to arrange the Mootame Beach

Humas UBM Gorontalo
Dalapuli Village KKM students together with the community and village officials worked together to clean up the Mootame Beach area.

Campus.UBMG - The development of tourist destinations by the community is an effort to increase local economic benefits as much as possible. Tourism is used as a priority development program that is always given an achievement target by the government.

In a form of community service, students are expected to help develop community-based tourist destinations. This is what the Dalapuli Village KKM students do. Together with the community and village apparatus, they will work together in redeveloping Mootame Beach.

One of the major programs that have been designed by students together with village official apparatus is to reorganize one of the tourism icons in Pinogaluman Sub-District.

The preparation for the reactivation of Mootame Beach was carried out in mutual cooperation by the community assisted by KKM students. Starting with beach cleaning activities in order to reorganize the cleanliness of the beach environment, as an effort to preserve the beach.

"We are allowed to report to the Dalapuli post, starting this week, we are included in our big program from the village government to help build, organize, develop tourist attractions in Dalapuli village," wrote a KKM student via WA message. (ais/rls/at)