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The Winner Announcement & Award Prize Winner Closes UBM Anniversary Series

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG– The entire series of competitions held to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the University of Bina Mandiri (UBM) Gorontalo have been completed. The closing night was held at the Pendopo UBM Gorontalo and was attended by the Chairman of the Bina Mandiri Gorontalo Foundation (YBMG), Dr. Ir. H. Azis Rachman MM, IPM accompanied by the Rector of UBM Gorontalo, Dr. Hj. Titin Dunggio M.Si, M.Kes and elements of leadership, lecturers and staff.

The entire series of competitions closed with the announcement of the winner, award prizes and certificates to all winners.

The Head of committee, Rahmat Nasila MM in his report thanked all parties who had supported the entire series of activities.

"We as the Dies Natalis committee thank you for the support from the Chairman of the Foundation, UBM Rector, leadership elements and all who have participated in the success of this activity," he said.

Not only that, Rahmat Nasila also appreciated all the participants who had fought and participated in the competition by competing in a healthy manner and upholding sportsmanship.

"For all participants in the competition, both in the fields of sports and the arts, thank you for showing good competition and being an example of high sportsmanship," he concluded. (ais/rls/at)