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Three UBM Lecturers Selected as Best Lecturers

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - An entire series of activities have been completed in order to celebrate National Teacher's Day (HGN) in 2022. The highlight of the event initiated by the Faculty of Education & Culture (FIPB) University of Bina Mandiri  (UBM) Gorontalo was closed with the announcement of the 3 best lecturers chosen by students.

The three best lecturers from the Faculty who were announced were, Imam Mashudi S.Pd, M.Pd, who is also the Dean of FIPB, Head of Management Study Program, Maman Musa MM, and Deputy Dean of F-STIK, Arpin SKM, M.Kes.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FIPB, Imam Mashudi explained, after an in-depth discussion by the committee and listening to input from BPM. So the assessment of exemplary lecturers is carried out based on homebase lecturers of study program.

"Respondents for the assessment are 5th semester students with a maximum sample size of 12 people. Specifically for study programs where there are no students in semester 5, they are given space to remain involved because academic implementation has entered the 10th meeting," he said.

In addition to the announcement of the Best, Disciplined and Most Creative Lecturer, musical performances were also held, dance from high school teachers in Gorontalo City and students, musical performances accompanied by language interpreters (Prospective Head of Special Education study program) and musical performances from lecturers. (ais/rls/at)