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UBM Gorontalo Socializes Student Admission in Top Schools

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - Wednesday, March 8, 2023. University of Bina Mandiri (UBM) Gorontalo continues to maximize time to visit schools in Gorontalo Province and outside Gorontalo.

Not only public schools, but the socialization team also visited private schools to excellence school. As was done at MAN Insan Cendekia Gorontalo.

The team chaired by the Head of Nutrition Department, dr. Rita Aminiwarastuti M.Gz, said that the purpose of socialization to various schools was to promote and introduce UBM more closely to students, especially some of the advantages and achievements that have been achieved.

"Alhamdulillah, we received an extraordinary response, both from the school and the students at the school. We inform various things related to the achievements of the UBM campus including several rare study programs that only exist at UBM, "he explained.

Not only that, but the socialization was also even more interesting when the team conveyed the vision of UBM Gorontalo which was indeed visionary.

"In addition to several advantages, we also offer several facilities and scholarships that can be obtained. As well as student exchanges in the Independent Campus program and overseas cooperation," she said.