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UBM & PPs Unbita Graduates 232 Students

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG– At the end of 2022, University of Bina Mandiri (UBM) Gorontalo will again hold graduation, Thursday (29/12/2022).

The Open Senate Meeting in the context of this graduation, was attended by 232 graduates from various study and postgraduate programs who are expected to always show excellence and character.

UBM Rector, Dr. Hj. Titin Dunggio M.Si, M.Kes conveyed that as Higher Education, UBM and PPs Unbita always try to produce graduates who are excellence, and competent with character. During their studies, students are equipped with knowledge, skills, technology, and life values.

"We hope that with this provision, they will be able to face various challenges in the future, continue to be motivated to improve their quality, and be useful and of use value to families and the wider community," she hoped.

In order to face the unpredictable changes and challenges ahead, graduates are also invited to not only have strong competencies according to their field of study. More importantly, you can become a person with a superior spirit and good character and have a good entrepreneurial.

"Excellence and character are something that students and alumni should have. Because actually competence will be of less value because we don't know the changes that will occur in the future. But if you have a superior soul, good character, we are sure that our alumni will be able to compete in this 5.0 industrial era," said the Rector who is also the Chairman of the Gorontalo Province APVOCATION DPW.

UBMG is successfully graduates 232 who were confirmed respectively, 124 from the Faculty of Science, Technology & Health Sciences (F-STIK), 52 from Faculty of Economics & Business (FEB), and 56 masters of Postgraduate Program of Unbita. (ais/rls)