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UBM Rector Responds to Invitation from The Head of Gorontalo Police to Strengthen Cooperation in Handling COVID-19

Humas UBM Gorontalo
UBM Rector, Dr. Hj. Titin Dunggio M.Si, M.Kes together with the leaders of universities throughout Gorontalo Province on the agenda of gathering with the Head of Gorontalo Police, Irjen Pol. Helmy Santika, SH., SIK., M.Sc. Friday (26/8/2022). (F. Public Relations/Efendi)

Campus.UBMG -Rector of Bina Mandiri University (UBM) Gorontalo, Dr. Hj. Titin Dunggio, M.Si, M.Kes complied with the invitation from the Gorontalo Police, Irjen Pol. Helmy Santika, SH., SIK., M.Si, Friday (26/8/2022).

The visits of the UBM Rector with the leaders of universities throughout Gorontalo Province, in order to strengthen the ties between the police institutions and universities. The presence of the university leaders was warmly welcomed by the Head of Police accompanied by Bureau chief of Ops, Bureau chief of HR, Director of Intelkam and Head of Public Relations of the Gorontalo Police. In his remarks, the Regional Police Head Helmy said that the implementation of this agenda was an opportunity for him to meet with the Gorontalo Regional Police partners.

"As a new official, of course I want to get to know all stakeholders and partners of the Gorontalo Regional Police, with friendship it will facilitate communication and I hope not only at formal events today but later we can meet for coffee together, and I will also visit at your place, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Relations of the Gorontalo Police in his introduction thanked the Rectors for their cooperation in handling Covid 19.

"We would like to thank the Rectors/Leaders of Higher Education for their cooperation in handling Covid-19 through the vaccination program and also the application of strict health care discipline in the campus environment, so that we can feel the impact of the increasing rate of Covid 19 in the Gorontalo Province," said the Head of Public Relations.

Meanwhile, the Rector Dr. Titin Dunggio thanked the Gorontalo Police Chief for the invitation.

"We wish you good luck. UBM Gorontalo is ready to be a partner that supports the entire performance of the Gorontalo Police," concluded the Head of the Gorontalo Province APVOKASI DPW. (ais/rls/at)