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University of Bina Mandiri Gorontalo Adds Another Rare Study Program

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG -University of Bina Mandiri (UBM) Gorontalo has once again won the trust of the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek).

After getting a decree for the opening of the Education Technology Study Program, this time UBM Gorontalo received an operational permit decree regarding the opening of the Special Education Study Program on October 18, 2022.

This trust from the Ministry of Education and Culture has added to the list of rare study programs owned by UBM Gorontalo.

When confirmed, the Dean of FIPB UBM Gorontalo, Imam Mashudi S.Pd, M.Pd reveale that the initiative to open the Special Education Study Program was based on considerations, the unavailability of the need for Educators with special educational backgrounds for Special Schools in Gorontalo Province.

"Later, the graduates from this study program are prepared to become teachers for children with special needs in special schools, for that UBM has taken the initiative to open the study program to help provide special education teachers," he said.

Not only that, this study program graduate will also help agencies as sign language interpreter to provide information to people with disabilities. (ais/rls/at)