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The Mayor of Gorontalo City Approved the Development of UBM Students Flat

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG – Mayor of Gorontalo, Dr. Marten Taha M.Ec.Dev fully supports the plan to build Student Flats (Rusunawa) at University of Bina Mandiri (UBM) Gorontalo.

In fact, before the Chairman of the Gorontalo Bina Mandiri Foundation, Dr. Ir. H. Azis Rachman MM, IPM, Mayor of Gorontalo has signed an Application for a Letter of Recommendation, Tuesday (20/12/2022).

After the meeting, YBMG Chairman, Dr. Azis Rachman accompanied by Vice Rector 1 for Academic Affairs, William Indra S. Mooduto SE, M.SA, Ak.CA together with Frista Iin Wahyuni SE, M.Pd revealed that the plan  is to provide students with a cheap, decent and affordable place to live. It is also an effort to increase the gross enrollment rate (APK) of college graduates, especially in the City of Gorontalo.

"And in order to realize one of the leading programs on human resource development as an effort to equalize services and quality of education for the territory of the Republic of Indonesia of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Maaruf Amin," he said.

Moreover, the development of the number of students and students in Gorontalo City has increased significantly every year, in line with the growth in the number of Private or State University in Gorontalo Province, so that it has a lot of impact on the availability and need for decent house.

"On average 35% comes from various regions outside Gorontalo Province," added Dr. Aziz Rachman.

The plan is for the UBM Gorontalo Students flat will be built in East Wongkaditi Village, Kota Utara Sub-district, Gorontalo City and will become the main supporting need for students in the process of completing studies in Gorontalo Province. (ais/rls)