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F-STIK of UBMG Discusses Implementation of Odd Semester

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - Faculty of Science, Technology & Health Sciences (F-STIK), Bina Mandiri University (UBM) Gorontalo held a coordination meeting, Wednesday (11/1/2023).

The meeting which was held in the UBM Gorontalo meeting room was chaired by the Dean of F-STIK, Adnan Malaha, M.Sc. This coordination meeting is also a forum for equalizing perceptions in order to face the final exams for the odd semester of the academic year (2022/2023).

Deputy Dean of F-STIK, Arpin SKM, M.Kes explained, this coordination meeting discussed various important activities. Because this is really needed to avoid overlapping all academic activities in the faculty.

"The agenda for this meeting discussed many things, including the implementation of academic activities, evaluation and progress of recruiting new students, as well as discussing final semester exam," said Arpin after the meeting.

Meanwhile, the Dean of F-STIK, Adnan Malaha M.Sc also asked lecturers to always provide assistance to students and always evaluate their achievements.

"We hope that the lecturers will always provide assistance and always evaluate the results of the student academic process," he hoped. (ais/rls)