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UBM Gorontalo Football Team Trains with High School in Pohuwato

Humas UBM Gorontalo

Campus.UBMG - In strengthening the relationship, the football club of University of Bina Mandiri  (UBM) Gorontalo, held a trophy match with several high school football teams in Pohuwato Regency.

On the first day, UBM team faced Randangan Senior High School and  Salafiah Safiiyah Senior High School, Friday, February 10, 2023.

While on the next day, Marisa and SMA 1 Paguat became teams that gave fierce resistance and honed the cohesiveness of the UBM football club.

Head of UPT Student Affairs, Dr. Harson Towalu M.Pd said, this activity was a good first step to improve student achievement in sports, especially football.

Not only that, but this match is also a gathering event in increasing togetherness between UBM and high school students and the community.

"It is not the champion that we are after, but the friendship and most importantly through this soccer game, we maintain health and bring closer and introduce UBM Gorontalo to students and the surrounding community," he said.

Football-loving students are also expected to continue to hone their playing skills so that it is not just a hobby but will become a proud achievement for UBM Gorontalo.